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Analogue - Universal Testing Machines

Fine Spavy Associates & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Universal Testing Machines ( Model : TUN )

Variety of tests like Tension,Compression,Tranverse, etc. are conducted.
Continuous roll autographic “Load Vs Elongation” recorder.
Suitable for testing a wide range of metallic materials.
Extra (Optional) Accessories such as – Mechanical Extensometer,  Load-Stabilizer,  Attachments for Brinell test, Tensile test for shouldered & threaded,  Single & Double shear test,  Bolts-Nuts & Washer test, Rope test, Flat Belt test, Bend-Rebend test, 180° Bend test, Pull-Out test, etc. are available.
Capacities from 100 kN to 2000 kN.
Various Analogue Models  -  TUN-100,  TUN-200,  TUN-400,  TUN-600, TUN-1000  &  TUN-2000.
Loading accuracy well within ±1%, conforms to IS:1828 / BS:1610.
Analogue - Universal Testing Machines
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